How Do I Measure Organic Body Jewelry? See Link.

Are your plugs sold by the pair?
Yes, so when you select 1 quantity in your cart you're receiving a pair.

Can I buy just 1 plug? Yes, checkout like normal and send us an email after you completed your purchase telling us you needed just 1 plug and we'll refund you half the cost.

HELP I JUST REALIZED I TYPED THE WRONG ADDRESS. WHAT DO I DO?!?! Stay. Calm. We've probably already received your email if you're just now reading this. To speed up the process you can login or make an account on our site and update your address. Make sure that you do let us know once you do this though and once we've emailed you back about your change of address you're good to go.

HELP I ACCIDENTALLY ORDERED THE WRONG SIZE EVEN AFTER CONFIRMING MY PURCHASE TWICE. Email us right away to find out if the item is still in stock.

So, I just received my plugs in the mail today and the size I ordered was a mistake but I never bothered to tell you guys that until I received my order. Now what? You waited too long to tell us. Please read our return policy.

I just received my plugs in the mail today and they look nothing like your picture... That's because the picture you saw was most likely sold already and in another size... We do not guarantee any of our plugs to look exactly like our pictures.

I purchased my plugs a few days ago and now you guys are having a sale... Can I get on this sale too? Of course you can if you make another purchase during the time of the sale.

My order came with a free pair of plugs but I already have another pair of the same thing, can I return them back to you guys and get something different instead? No, you cannot.

Where do you guys ship to? We ship worldwide.

How much is shipping?
If you order in the United States:
Basic Shipping: $4.99 (2-3 Weeks)
Standard Shipping: $7.99 (5-9 Business Days)
Expedient Shipping: $11.99 (3-5 Business Days)

Everywhere else:
International Shipping: $7.99 or sometimes based on order weight. Your exact shipping costs will always be display during checkout.

For all other questions you can email us at info@bodymodorganics.com