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Carved Turquoise Resting Buddha Red Tigerwood Plug


  • Double Flare Plugs made from Red Tigerwood And Turquoise

    This Resting Buddha plug is made from organic red tigerwood and features a turquoise carved Buddha’s head on the front with a sunburst-like turquoise border. The plug is beautifully polished to show off the rich color of the red tigerwood and double flared for a snug, comfortable fit.  

    Please note*: Our plugs are handmade and sizes may be off by +0.5/-0.5 mm.

    Size(s): 6mm - 50mm available
    Material: Red Tigerwood and Turquoise
    Shape: Plug
    Style: Double Flare
    Wearable Area: (6mm - 8mm) 7mm
    Wearable Area: (12mm - 24mm) 8mm
    Wearable Area: (26mm - 30mm) 10mm
    Wearable Area: (32mm - 50mm) 12mm

    Care Instructions:

    Do not autoclave or soak in anything. Clean before wearing. Use antibacterial soap and water then rinse and dry immediately after washing. Do not leave in direct sunlight for an extended amount of time or have stored in extreme temperatures. Remove jewelry before bathing or swimming as water can cause premature drying and cracking. Recommended for HEALED PIERCINGS ONLY. Recondition once a month with natural oil. Jojoba Oil is recommended.

    Disclaimer: Due to the nature of these material there will be some differences in variation and color.  Pairs will be matched to the best of our ability.

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