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Jojoba Oil


Jojoba oil is widely used in the ear stretching care community. It is very popular while you are stretching due to its properties that mimic the sebum regularly produced by our skin. Jojoba oil is used to help promote the rejuvenation of skin and also makes sure your skin stays hydrated.

Not only can it be used for ear lobes but it can also be used as a deep moisturizer for skin, nails, hair and the scalp. Jojoba oil penetrates deeper in the skin, than a typical moisturizer.

Jojoba oil is a wonderful product for ear stretching care. Jojoba oil is very similar to the natural oils which your skin creates to help protect and moisturizer your skin. By doing daily massages, it helps to keep your lobes healthy and moisturized. For already stretched ears, it helps to stop the dryness from wearing plugs. Jojoba oil also softens your skin to make stretching a little easier. Over time it is said to help thicken up your lobes and to also help treat blowouts.

Our Jojoba oil is bottled in 1oz amber glass bottles.

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