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Opalite Moonstone Tunnels

Double Flare Tunnels made from Opalite Glass

Opalite Moonstone is 100% glass, hand-blown in such a way that the finished product resembles a cross between Opal and Moonstone. These Opalite Moonstone Tunnels are a must-have for any plug collection.

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Please note*: Our plugs are handmade and sizes may be off by +0.5/-0.5 mm.

Size(s): 10mm - 25mm available
Material: Opalite Glass
Shape: Tunnel
Style: Concave and Double Flare
Wearable Area: (8mm - 10mm) 8mm
Wearable Area: (11mm - 25mm) 10mm

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of these material there will be some differences in variation and color.  Pairs will be matched to the best of our ability.

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