Pressed Jewel Rose Gold Plated Ring

Pressed Jewel Rose Gold Plated Ring


Rose Gold Plated Septum Ring with Pressed Beading and Jewels – 16g

This septum clicker is the one for you if you want to exude subtle elegance without making too bold of a statement. Though the approximate inside diameter measures at 3/8” (10mm), the design surface area is a bit smaller with a width of 1/8” (3mm). The pressed beading layer underneath the jewels allows the whole piece to have a bit of a shimmer without it being too apparent that there are jewels inlaid in the design surface. It is manufactured with a .925 silver base and then plated with rose gold. The clicker style makes it convenient to put in and take out without having to worry about extra pieces or ends as it snaps securely into place.


Gauge: 16g ~ 1.2mm
Material: .925 Silver Base, then Rose Gold Plated
Approximate inside diameter: 3/8” ~ 10mm
Approximate design surface width: 1/8” ~ 3mm
Available in 14kt yellow gold plating