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Rainbow Fluorite Teardrops

Double Flare Teardrops made from Rainbow Fluorite

This beautiful stone is well known for its rich variety in color and opacity. The Roman Emperor Nero purchased Fluorite for hundreds of thousands of dollars in the first century A.D. Feeling young and tyrannical today? Pick up a pair of our Rainbow Fluorite teardrops.

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Please note:* Our plugs are handmade and sizes may be off by +0.5/-0.5 mm.

Size(s): 8mm - 25mm available
Material: Rainbow Fluorite
Shape: Teardrop
Style: Convex and Double Flare
Wearable Area: (8mm - 10mm) 8mm
Wearable Area: (13mm - 25mm) 10mm

Due to the nature of this material there will be some differences in variation and color. Pairs will be matched to the best of our ability. 

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