Smelly Gelly

Smelly Gelly


* Smelly Gelly is a white petroleium based piercing conditioner. Once applied it will prevent the smell of death associated with body piercings for up to 15-30 days, depending on personal hygiene and body chemistry.

* To use Smelly Gelly, first remove and clean both your jewelry and the hole as normal. Then apply a thin layer to your jewelry and insert.

* Smelly Gelly is for external use only and should not be used on piercings in or through the mouth lips, tongue, and cheeks.

* Smelly Gelly is for use on healed piercings and is not intended to be used as a healing aid.

* One 2g container is intended to last around 6 months. You will receive roughly 1g-2g worth of Smelly Gelly.

Smelly Gelly keeps your piercings big or small smelling fresh and clean. No more offensive foul odor coming from your "plugs"!!! Just apply to your clean piercing and stick it back in, thats all!!! Smelly Gelly then works to create a healthy environment for your piercing and eliminates any smells. One application lasts about 2 weeks and there is enough in one container to last about 6 months... ENJOY and remember "KEEP YOUR HOLES CLEAN"!!!!

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